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Here you can find all of the key documents that are important to operate Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet components. The documents are always kept up to date.


The manual describes all functions of the device, including its configuration and accessibility options.

Installation Guide

The installation guide describes all hardware-specific mechanical characteristics, including dimensions, mounting specifications, wiring, and the pin-out assignments for each connection. The configuration of the DIP switches and the significance of the displays are also described.

Product Data Sheets

You can create and download PDF product data sheets on your own from our online catalogue. First select the product that you need a data sheet for and then press the button at the top right that says "PDF data sheet".


Part 9 of the sectional catalogue describes Weidmüller's world of industrial Ethernet. It includes detailed descriptions of all products as well as product data and images. You can also find valuable information on using specific products, technical tips and a glossary of key technical terms.


Please contact our local sales office if you are interested in ordering a catalogue.


Order Catalogue

Product Information and Flyer

Additional product-specific information can be found in our flyers and our product information brochures.


Practical Guidelines

The Practical Guidelines are written for the planners, installers, and commissioning engineers who work with industrial Ethernet networks. It contains useful tips, tricks and expertise for making your work easier.


Please contact our local sales office if you are interested in ordering the Practical Guidelines.


Technical Notes

Application Notes describe the concrete implementation of a function or application with Industrial Ethernet components from Weidmüller. Specific wiring diagrams and configuration instructions will guide you through the entire integration.

Industrial Security Router
Description of a remote access application to allow a communication between protected, not directly accessible machine networks and remote Service-PC’s by using a public OpenVPN-Server as „Meeting-Point“.

Configuring an OpenVPN remote access scenario using a Weidmüller Router as OpenVPN-Server.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

In Dual-Ring two neighbouring rings are connected with one another using one switch without the need for additional ports or cabling. This configuration reduces the total number of ports and saves cabling costs as an additional primary and back-up line is not needed.


Turbo-Chain offers the possibility of creating multiple redundant networks without the limitations of the ring technology. Turbo-Chain can be simply configured by defining two end-points in a segment. This means you can connect or extend existing redundant networks.