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New labelling solutions

Labelling for equipments, terminal strips and PLC controllers


The new THM Basic and MCP Basic labelling systems from Weidmüller provide compact, space-saving solutions which deliver high-quality printing.The THM Basic thermal transfer printer is ideal for printing on Weidmüller’s THM labels. The MCP Basic plotter is designed to work together with the established MultiCard system.The professional M-Print

® PRO printing software is available for designing the labels and for controlling the printers.

One for all
The MCP Basic can be used to plot with both MultiCards and labels of type LM MT 300. The M-Print® PRO software is used to design and control the plotter.
The portable solution
The new MCP Basic is delivered in a convenient aluminium trolley case. The trolley makes the plotter easy to transport and has enough room to stow all accessories.  
Flexible connecting options
The THM Basic can be controlled using the USB or parallel ports, or over the network interface.
Safe and precise to operate
The safe label feed on the THM Basic eliminates the risk of inclined printing results. Only a few simple manual steps are needed to insert the labels and ink ribbons.
A space-saving design
Small, compact and practical: the compact design of the new THM Basic printer enables it to fit even in the smallest of workspaces.

Weidmüller has expanded its product line of markers and labels for equipments, terminal strips and PLC controllers – and thus the range of applications suitable for the printing systems has widened. These labelling solutions help to reduce costs, optimise work flows, and comply with safety regulations. The markers and labels are also custom-fit for use with the printer and labelling systems from Weidmüller.

Application-specific attachment options
The CC 85/54 MC device markers are available in a variety of colours, as blank and adhesive variants. The blank version can be attached using a tag holder.
The affordable alternative
PrintJet PRO can be used to quickly print out the CC 85/54 MCs; this is an inexpensive alternative to costly engraved labelling. An additional benefit is the unique colour printing.
The perfect type label
The M-Print® PRO labelling software can be used to design customised type labels onto CC 85/54 MCs. Designs can include bar codes, graphics and coloured corporate logos.
The WAD terminal strip markers
The MultiCard-formatted WAD markers can be easily and quickly attached to the W-Series and the WEW 35/2 or ZEW 35/2 end brackets. The PrintJet can be used for printing.
PLC labelling made easy
The roll-packaged labels can be individually printed by using the M-Print® PRO labelling software together with a thermal transfer printer (such as the THM Basic).
The THM ET S7 PLC labels
The THM ET S7s are roll-packaged, non-adhesive labels suitable for labelling PLCs. Individual labels are perforated so that they can be easily separated.