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Quality with certified safety


Our quality management forms a comprehensive structure for all parts of your tailored solutions. Close supervision as well as the implementation of national and international standards ensure the required quality for each step of the development process thus guaranteeing best results and a reliable co-operation. Certifications according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as according to IRIS (International Railway Industrial Standard) guarantee processes and services that have been approved by independent institutions.

 ISO 9001:2000
 ISO 14001:2004

Supporting elements for optimum results

Our quality system is based on the following divisions complementing each other and closely accompanying the complete process chain:


  • Incoming Goods
    Stringent quality controls ensure the best results for you from the beginning


  • Production
    The constant supervision of our modern CNC machinery guarantees faultless processes and punctual delivery.


  • Assembly
    “Four eyes are better than two” is our maxim. Additionally, there are special inspections for sensitive areas like, for instance, ATEX products. Before leaving our premises, each product is subject to thorough final inspections and tests.


  • Complaints Management
    In case of any mistake we will put things right as quickly and efficiently as possible. A quality committee will analyse and solve any problem immediately.


  • Quality Report
    The realisation of your tailored solution is transparent at any time, and any step is recorded in detail.