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Device Connectors and Electronics housings

Product News Device Connectors and Electronics housings


As a leading provider and pioneer of the device connection and housing technology Weidmüller supports the entire design-in process with in-depth application knowledge and proven solutions expertise. The global design-in support combines products and services to achieve optimal results.

OMNIMATE Signal – SLF 5.08 powerful male plug

A broader range of uses for creating feed-through connections, Wire-to-Wire connections and touch-proof applications

FreeCon Passive SC-RJ coupling

New connectivity technology for reduced installation time in robots and IP 65/67 field cabling

OMNIMATE Signal – system add-ons for the 3.5 mm model

Add new functions and application options

M12-plug-in connectors for high currents in the field

More wiring options thanks to high power transmission

FreeCon Active PROFINET media converter

Convert RJ45 to POF including diagnosis of the FO portion and be notified when it‘s time to change

OMNIMATE Signal – "PUSH IN" PCB-terminal LMF

Modern connectivity technology fulfilled the high demands of design up to a conductor cross section of 2.5 mm²

OMNIMATE – PUSH IN PGK 4 through-panel terminal

Comfortable, cost-saving installation and connection of conductors up to 4 mm²

OMNIMATE Signal - Powerful compact connector with PUSH IN

Simple and safe connection for wires up to 1.5 mm²

OMNIMATE Power - Touch-safe female header for power electronics

Plug-in connections for high power up to 50 kVA

OMNIMATE Signal - Universal device feed-through connector

Extra convenience and cost savings during installation

72-hour sample service – a global promise

The new sample service for OMNIMATE® device connectivity products is quick and easy to use

CH20M Product Selector

A custom housing in just a few clicks

OMNIMATE Signal – SLH-THR 5.08

Three level male header: for high-density installation of sensors and actuator wires of up to 2.5 mm²

OMNIMATE Signal – LSF-SMD 3.5/180

PUSH IN PCB terminal for SMD assembly


The integrated DIN rail bus for the modular electronics housing system


The compact 6 mm electronics housing

Design-In Competence

Weidmüller supports its customers as a competent design-in partner for PCB connection technology and electronic housings.

The full product line in 3.81-mm pitch

For consistent design, smooth processes, uncompromised security, error-free functionality and unrivalled performance.


Three functions in one! The OMNIMATE POWER Hybrid connector provides developers and users with the perfect three-in-one solution.