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You want to optimize products and processes

u-remote supports you with impressive performance and easy handling


A flexible and space-saving configuration

u-remote enables new, more cost-effective system solutions

Compact, high-performing, reliable and easy to maintain. u-remote responds to the challenges of future industry standards. Intelligently planned and designed with the future in mind.

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Plan for a smaller set-up

Extremely fast with huge power reserves
Intelligently separated
A single power supply is enough
Focus on reliability
Fewer numbers, more clarity

Simply faster to connect up

u-remote simplifies assembly and wiring

Safe and reliable set-up, quick and easy implementation: u-remote delivers outstanding handling benefits coupled with flexibility and safety.

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Simply plug and go
One row with no mistakes
Direct insertion – direct savings
Robust design
The choice is yours

Straightforward series start-up guaranteed

u-remote delivers superior ease of use

Convenient, safe and clear from the outset: with

u-remote, your system is configured with well thought-out solutions and a design to suit your function.

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Local and remote testing
Speed things up with modularity
Clear colours, clear functions
Compatible and certified
Clearly identified

Carefree machine and system operation

u-remote reduces service requirements and improves readiness for operation

Rapid manual operations, useful control instruments, intelligent support: u-remote provides peace of mind during operation and reduces system downtime.

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Improve system availability
One glance and you can see everything going on
Keeping it simple
Everything in its place
Smart support