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u-remote combines innovative remote I/O technology with the smallest system in the market

In machine construction and factory automation, the aim is to minimise the time between the project planning and production output of the system. At the same time, the advance of modularisation and networking of sub-systems is continuing, which produces particular challenges for planning flexibility in machine automation. And last but not least, the priority placed on minimising the space used in both central switch cabinets and decentralised system architectures is ever increasing, because this is an area in which costs can potentially be cut and one which offers creative options for integrating switch cabinets in the system design.
Weidmüller has realised these needs and transformed them into an innovative IP 20 remote I/O system. Thanks to it being the slimmest module design on the market, and its extremely high channel density per station, u-remote is smaller than any other system and can therefore be simply integrated into a machine design for very restricted spaces. The high-speed backplane bus, with a cycle time of 20 µs with 256 I/Os, also meets the requirements of very fast applications and is therefore able to map processes in real time. The 4 DI time stamp module and appropriately-configured timer modules even allow very fast binary signals to be recorded.

What's more, the pluggable concept of the u-remote allows you to pre-assemble the sensor and actuator lines, ensuring faster installation and fewer errors. The platform-independent web server, which is integrated in all

u-remote couplers, ensures the rapid commissioning of system parts too. In addition to displaying diagnostics and status values, you can also simulate sensor values and force actuators, which we see as unique benefits for your team when they are setting up and testing mechanical sub-assemblies.

The flexible structure of u-remote also enables you to easily upgrade your system or to change functions. The option of hot swapping means that a system does not have to be shut down during maintenance and even the I/O system's wiring is retained. The decentralised processing of safety devices is possible with u-remote thanks to the intelligent, simple, safety feed-in solution. With up to 2 pulsed input circuits, you can, where necessary, achieve a safety level of SIL3 according to IEC 62061 and safety category 4, PL e, according to EN ISO 13849-1. Downstream standard output modules are safely shut down.
If you have to use PLCs from different manufacturers and therefore have different fieldbus systems, u-remote is able to provide you with a full end-to-end solution, where you only need to replace the coupler and the I/O modules can be retained. In particular, this simplifies the process of adapting a modular automation concept to your customers' specific requirements.


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